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Just enough crm for small businesses. For startups businesses, freelancers and consultants, Get sales forecast every month. Upgrade from excel sheet, todo list and sticky notes. Microm CRM tool keeps it simple and functional. Sign up Free for 60 days.

30 Minutes to Master

  • Clear and simple UI
  • Enables self learning
  • No tech skills needed
  • Crm for small business
  • Freelancers & consultants

30 minutes to setup

  • Hosted in Amazon Cloud
  • Single step data migration
  • Double encrypted
  • No technical skill needed
  • No loss of business hours

300% Engagement

  • Single platform for sales
  • Manage your pipeline
  • Get more sales meetings
  • Speed up Sales Activities
  • Accurate sales forecast

Lead Profiling

Leads are generated from different sources like
web enquiry, sales team, partners, customer referral etc.

Based on the intelligence gathered from previous transaction Microm re-arrange the leads in accordance with the probability of closure. Your leads become sharper and the sales cycle reduces drastically.

  • Close faster and cheaper
  • Import leads from external sources
  • Capture leads from trade shows, referrals, website, marketing
  • Deal with the most probable leads which will close
  • Match sales-ready leads to the appropriate sales people
  • Half your sales effort
  • Engage the leads till they convert
crm for small businesse


Microm Pipeline gives the volume of business in each stages.

It also provides you with the velocity of closure so that you have a close comparison of your revenue forecast Vs your target revenue. A healthy pipeline will ensure you that your marketing and sales team are actively aligned in achieving your sales goals. An essential feature to plan you business growth in coming years.

  • Volume of business in each sales stage
  • Live sales comparison with your actual target
  • Gives you precise information on your pipeline health
  • Gives your insight into your marketing & lead profiling
  • Better control over the sales health

CRM software

Sales Funnel

Microm funnel gives you a complete picture of where your money is in the sales cycle.

By knowing how many prospects you have in each stage and also the probability of conversion along with the probable time for conversion, you have the complete picture of your revenue forecast for coming months – quarter and year. You will also know at which stage of the sales cycle you have maximum dropouts from the funnel which in-turn helps you to redesign your sales process.

  • Locate your prospects in various stages
  • Conversion rates in each stages
  • Matches your pipeline to your targets
  • Helps you with insights of special stages in sales cycle
  • Helps to redesign your sales process
  • Half your sales effort
  • Gives valuable insights to profile your customer base

Lead generation


Microm‘s intelligent algorithms mines your data and come up with actual predictions that work, so that you have 98% accurate prediction on your monthly, quarterly and annual sales forecast.

So you have no surprises at the end of the day. Something every sales team dream about.

  • Business won – lost
  • Revenue every month – quarter – year – next year
  • Helps to make changes in sales effort at the right time
  • Helps to reorganize marketing tactics
  • Evaluate the performance of sales team
  • Gives you idea of when to intervene

Sales automation

To Do List

Your customer is an individual even if you are dealing with B2B clients.

He needs attention. Your sales is all about acting in accordance with his expectations. Microm enables your sales team to do all the needed touch points at the right time. Whether it is a call, an email a personal meeting or a proposal, your to do list organize and prioritize your attention based on customer insights and probability of closure.

  • Get your entire team on the same page irrespective of location
  • Sales rep / manager daily chores
  • Assign and edit sales quota / leads
  • Chat window to communicate within sales team
  • Everything prioritized accordance with probability of conversion
  • Ideal for evaluating your sales team day to day activities

Sales automation software


Your dashboard is the map of your sales and marketing function in a single screen.

The map which points where you want to go and where you are really heading to. It can pin point where your sales team is exactly is at a given time. The knowledge of the difference between actual and planned is what keeps a company in forefront. This is where the sales guy starts his day.

  • Sales funnel of individual and team
  • Health meter of sales team and individuals
  • The graph showing actual sales Vs planned sales
  • All data needed for the daily meeting in single screen
  • Identify and assign critical leads to skilled sales men
  • Exact work load of your daily activities

Marketing mix


Microm’s technical team assist you to do custom integration with your mail services, CRM systems, legacy systems etc.

Microm is created lite hence easy to integrate rather than many complex sales tools available in the market.

  • Integration with Microsoft office /Open office
  • Integration with mail systems
  • Integration with existing web/desktop applications
  • No technical assistance needed from your side
CRM for small business