Marketing Collateral, in the order of their performance, to generate most amount of leads.

• E-books or Guides

• Templates or Presentations

• Research & Reports (ex: State of Inbound Marketing)

• Whitepapers

• Kits (multiple offers packaged together)

• Webminars

• On-demand Videos

• Blog (including offers in sidebar)

• Blog posts (if there is a CTA in the post)

• Demo Requests, Contact Sales

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Health Care Marketing Ethics

Healthcare providers are trying to reach out to patients using various marketing methods. With so much potentially sensitive information hitting the web, there are several regulations and guidelines that both marketers and professionals need to understand to maintain the ethics of Medical Practice.
An organisation cannot run marketing content that implies knowledge of sensitive health or medical information.Prior consent from the patient is required to publish any of his protected health information or PHI

This includes:

Basic information: names, addresses, phone numbers and social security numbers.
Dates: birth dates, admission dates, discharge dates and dates of death.
Administrative details: medical record numbers, health plan beneficiary numbers, account numbers, certificate or license numbers, and serial numbers, URLs and IP addresses.
Other identifiable information: finger and voice prints, full-face photography and any other unique identifying number, characteristic or code.
Other methods for Marketing Health Care

Develop a marketing strategy that focuses on the issues like

  • Providing updates on new technologies, breakthroughs and research— We do a great job of this.
  • Introducing members of your medical care team.
  • Offering general information about common ailments or pre- and post-operative care.
  • Communicating during times of crisis—as the CDC did during a recent Swine Flu outbreak.
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The Perfect Techno Marketing Team


  • Develop and integrate marketing strategy
  • Set metrics and interprets analytics data
  • Co-ordinates team efforts

Social Manager

  • Engages Customers & Stake holders in social platforms
  • Monitor and Manage Brand Reputation
  • Embodies customer service excellence


  • Tech Framework of the marketing division
  • Immersed in emerging technology and delivery tools
  • Creates ease of content delivery to multiple platforms


  • Creates quality content for multiple media
  • Highly creative in writing , designing and visual effects
  • Acts as the media arm of the company
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Marketing Automation

Marketing is a never ending process. SMEs stand no chance unless they automate marketing.

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Hiring for Sales

Look within your organization.You may have technical, support, operations or administrative people who would and could successfully move into sales. Post the ad on a bulletin board and see what happens.

Ask for employee referrals.Chances are your existing employees know the kind of people who would be happy working for you. They may be able to suggest some people for you to contact.

Ask suppliers, customers, colleagues, advisors and social contacts.This can be cheaper, faster and more reliable than advertising to the general public.

Look in professional associations.They may have job lines to help members find employees.

Try online advertising.The speed, freshness and searchability of online job banks make them attractive options for both candidates and employers.

Check with your local colleges.You may be able to hire a recent graduate who's enthusiastic, effective and less expensive than a seasoned professional.

Contact headhunters.Headhunters specializing in sales personnel aren't cheap, but when labor markets are tight, it may be worth the cost to find a solid salesperson.

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Improving Sales Effectiveness

Plan to Improve Sales Effectiveness
1.Improve the interconnection between sales, marketing and service to provide a customer-centric and unified experience that maintains and grows the customer base. Integrate internal processes and handoff points among the three functions.

2.Align marketing, sales and customer service leaders around the same objectives, and use the same metrics to guide behavior and award bonuses.

3.Leverage each touch point to increase consistency across the customer experience. For example, enable marketing to turn information collected from social media monitoring into sales opportunities. If a customer posts negative feedback about the company on a social media site, alert customer service to proactively contact the customer. If that same person posts negative feedback about a competitor, pass along a potential lead for sales.

4.Create a chief customer officer role with responsibility for maintaining a customer-centric point of view across the marketing, sales and service functions.

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Methods for B2B Product Launch

Quad 1: Your sales force can easily reach prospects. Invest in sales training & tools; reinforce them with online media.

Quad 2: To build credibility with a few prospects, use media such as customer seminars & helpful white papers.

Quad 3: Too many to reach with direct sales. Use news releases & search marketing to drive them to your website.

Quad 4:Use your databas and others to build a “community of users” via e-mail and other online methods.

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Structuring and evaluating your Sales Team

1. Define clear objectives for the sales operations group.While it's tempting to allow sales operations to become the dumping ground for all things unwanted by sales and marketing, its true purpose is to enable the productivity of the sales,teams. Outlining the functions that sales operations should lead and the functions it should support can help set boundaries and clarify the role for an effective group. Determining how sales operations will be judged effective (i.e increases in productivity per rep) is critical to establishing clear expectations.

2. Manage to the metrics. More and more, sales organizations rely on empirical information to set and achieve their goals. Historically, sales has been more art than science, but sales operations offers new intelligence and lucidity into what works and what doesn’t in the sales organization. Develop a dashboard for sales and sales operations to ensure that the teams are reaching their objectives.

3. Balance a centralized and localized structure. Sales operations can create processes and streamline activities that used to be accomplished by IT, marketing, HR, operations and sales, and act as a connecting point between previously disparate functions. Sales operations can take those tasks and align them with the goals of the organization. In addition to these centralized roles there is also value in sales operations staying close to the sales organization in allof their locations to understand the challenges that need support. Balance the efficiency of a centralized sales operations structure with the frequent communication and sensitivity of a localized structure.

4. Create sales operations roles that make sense for your company. Because sales operations is a young and evolving function, compare and contrast your organization with others, but build your sales operations team with roles that match the priorities of your specific sales needs, whether IT-related, marketing related, or analytics.

5. Measure the ROI for sales operations. In most companies there is a direct connection between sales productivity and revenue growth. In high performing organizations sales operations provides a clear impact on sales productivity.Understand and articulate the RIO levers for sales operations and make investments in the key initiatives most connected to sales productivity.

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Problem: What are the biggest problems you are solving for your customers?

Solution: What are your solutions to these customer problems?

Advantage: What is your primary advantage over your competitors and why is it valuable to your clients?

Competitors: Write down at least three (3) of your top competitors.

Keywords: Write down as many keywords you can think of that are relevant to your service/product/solution. Use another piece of paper if you run out of room.

Customers: You want to put down the top 3 Customer Segments that your business services.

Channel: List all of your marketing efforts along with the annual budget. It is important to be as thorough as possible, this is where you really save money.

Implications: What will happen if you do not take some action right now. What goals will you miss?

Plan: What is your current plan for achieving your business goals? Is your plan aggressive? Do you have big goals?

Challenge: When you look at your current plan, what do you see as the most challenging part of achieving the goals you have written down?

Timing: How soon are you and your team willing to take the necessary action to improve your marketing efforts and achieve your business goals?

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Social Media Sales Planning

Develop your social media plans and work from a defined strategy based on meaningful relationships.Base your online selling plan on the following 5.

Establish goals and objectives - Goals include the revenues you want to generate; objectives are your social media milestones.

Set the rules of engagement - Measure your progress, decide who on your team does what, and which social media tools you will use.

Conduct research - Identify your targeted social media networks, investigate the relevant online influencers and choose your searchable key words.

Know your assets - Become familiar with your available content. Tie specific content pieces – brochures, white papers, and so on to specific online conversations. Keep your online profiles up-to-date.

Develop an outreach schedule - To achieve your strategic goals, set a firm, regular schedule for your online postings.

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Reference :

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Modern Marketer

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It's Time for a Marketing Technologist

Marketing Technologist

Technology is the driver for revenue marketing, beginning with having your CRM system tightly integrated with a full-featured marketing automation system. The role of the Marketing Technologist is to set up and execute campaigns while continuously leveraging technology to meet the needs of your business.

These marketing automation systems are powerful and in order to get the most out of them, you must have someone on the team who has the required technical skill set. Investing in the effective training of your Marketing Technologist should be a priority. The Marketing Technologist skill set is an absolute requirement for the team. This person will work closely with the Business Analyst and should be detail oriented, application friendly, and have the ability to understand the technology and be able to use it effectively. Experience with HTML and CRM framework is highly recommended.

Someone who can step back, take a look at things from an executive standpoint, and present metrics that are meaningful to both the sales organization and C level executives. Everything in an automated marketing campaign must be weighed, measured, and constantly reviewed.

While CRM skills in the market abound, finding marketers with marketing automation experience will be challenging. Take your time and find the right fit. There is a high correlation between revenue results and a high degree of competency in marketing automation systems.

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Benefits of Referral Marketing

Referral Benefits
1. Client feel more comfortable when a product or service is recommended by someone they know and trust.

2.The prospect knows for sure that the referred person had the pain and that the product/service has cured the pain effectively .This is especially true if the product or service is expensive.

3. The trust your client has in your company is transferred to the prospect during referral.

4. Referred customers are typically less price sensitive ,since they already know the cost at which the product has been bought.

5. Most referrals can be sold at full price because they’ve been pre-sold on your client’s trust and credibility.

6. Referral marketing reduces your sales expenses and sales cycle by at-least 50%

7. Referrals customers act as a persuasive force to improve the quality of your product/services since they directly have an impact on your sales revenue

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Ideal Mix for B2B Sales & Marketing

Hiring Marketing & Sales consultant for your Company to revamp sales ?

These are the basic stuff to expect :


• Identify your key sellable products/services

• Identify the most profitable model for your business


• What Client Market Segments Should You Pursue

• Identify the best customers for your business

• Identify market segment popularity and demand

• Whom you're selling to – buyer profiling


• Determine the right solutions and strategies to get your products selling

• How to reach target audience

• Identify the right marketing mix

• Create suitable content delivery plan

• Identify key content to be distributed

• Identify the marketing mediums suitable for reaching target market

• Create referral programs that suits your clients


• Create mechanism to capture and measure leads

• Create check points to qualify leads into stages

• Formulate questionnaire to identify probability of buying

• Implement tracking mechanisms to work on the lead

• Identify pre-sales collaterals needed in different stages of sales


• Device a process/people for a closing deals

• Implement industry specific negotiation & closing techniques

• Create check list for objection handling and FAQ

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Accelerating Sales in B2B Service Segment

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Creating Efficient Sales Funnel For SAAS

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Passion of your front line Sales Team

Essential questions to be answered:
Does your front line team know which target customers and sales opportunities to pursue and which ones they shouldn't waste their time on?

Does your front line live and breathe the key attributes of your brand?

Does your front line consistently and effectively position your company’s value proposition against competitors, based on the most recent competitive intelligence?

Do you know how your front line performs on key customer advocacy metrics?

Can you identify the interactions between front line employees and customers that have the greatest impact on customer advocacy?

Do you have closed-loop learning processes in place to get customer feedback to your front line within 24 to 48 hours?

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Rejuvenating your Marketing Team-A


Culture can be a major challenge to overcome despite the good intentions involved in implementing innovative marketing practices. An unhealthy collective mindset within your organisation can jeopardise all revamping efforts in marketing. Team culture has a direct impact on customer experience and leads generated.

Key points to be addressed

a. Ownership Mentality

Replace the “owners” from marketing org charts by promoting an environment that is leadership oriented. To own is to possess and to lead is to learn, guide and direct. Replace Ownership with Leadership Maturity

b. Excel sheets

“Owners” are too familiar with the right excel combination to present at a performance meeting , irrespective of the relevance on the productivity or revenue. Identify KPIs that supports your marketing vision. They may include cross functional team performances too. Replace Excel Sheets with KPIs.

C. Silos

It is not realistic to think that silo will go away magically,despite your best efforts. Instead become a workflow expert. Create a matrix and capture the following for each functional area you lead or interact with

  • Objectives
  • Roles/tasks
  • Works with
  • Measured by
  • Challenges/pain points
  • Successes

Analyse the matrix and then design a workflow which maximises the output and minimises the Silos. Invent the Workflow.

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JD of Marketing 2.0 executive

In-house marketing executive

Be an excellent communicator (verbal and written )
Blogging and writing articles , posts etc
Understand technology and its impact
Social media skills – networking – posts – articles
Be interested in what motivates people
Knowledge of basic marketing concepts
Be able to respond well to pressure
Think creatively
Master/Bachelor degree in Marketing or Marketing Communication
Job Description

Monitoring and analyzing market trends.
Studying competitors' products and services.
Research and build marketing database.
Identifying target markets and developing strategies to communicate with them.
Identify companies within different target markets and perform market research as required.
Coordinate weekly direct mail initiatives.
Draft new mails, collaterals as required in conjunction with the team.
Creation and delivery of marketing materials like case studies , white papers etc.
Design , build and maintain social media presence.
Engage consumers on social media.
Deepen relationships using all media to ensure the most effective messaging.
Lead all areas of content generation and production across all media platforms.
Monitor and report effectiveness of marketing communication.

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Key Elements in Identifying Sales channels

Key Elements in Identifying Sales channels

  • Access to target customer base: This is probably the most feature to look for in a new channel partner.
  • Territory Coverage: What type of sales force should be needed?
  • Synergistic Product Line: What product lines compliment yours? Will you allow them sell competitive products or should they work exclusively with your product?
  • Technical Know-how:If you product is technical this may be a necessary requirement?
  • Support Services: How important is marketing and customer service?
  • Strategic Alignment: What is their present client base, how does this compare with your strategy?
  • Experience: What is the minimum time they should be in business for?
  • Financial Stability: A credit rating and references should be required before formalising any agreement
  • Interpersonal Rapport: Is this a person/team that you can work with? Do you believe they will be a flexible partner?
  • Languages: If you are UK based company and dealing in a mainland European market how important is it that your partner and their team is fluent in English.
  • Professional Impression: Do they present themselves in a professional way?

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How to Prepare for a Sales Meeting


Previous projects done in this domain
Collaterals like Screenshots and demo
Identify what your competitors has to offer for this problem
Assemble the team with the required skill
Plan the qualifying questions
Profile of prospect Culture– LinkedIn – Twitter
Know the Contact's Role and Responsibilities
Do due Diligence

Conduct research regarding the main issues and questions the client has.
Anticipate and write down more questions that may arise.
Define your ideal outcome. Purpose of meeting and milestones to be attained (Failure /Success).
Prepare three choices for your client to choose from - pros & cons.
Have a Road Map

Draft a mini- agenda that serves as a road map of the key points the client had previously touched on.
Write down all possible answers, alternatives, and opportunities you have identified.
Anticipate the risk

Identify those areas where potential risks or troubles might arise.
Identify competition and their pricing.
Provide action items

Prepare a list of documents you need to take it to next level.
List of follow-up activities.
Ask for the touchdown points and venue.

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