Hiring for Sales

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Look within your organization.You may have technical, support, operations or administrative people who would and could successfully move into sales. Post the ad on a bulletin board and see what happens.

Ask for employee referrals.Chances are your existing employees know the kind of people who would be happy working for you. They may be able to suggest some people for you to contact.

Ask suppliers, customers, colleagues, advisors and social contacts.This can be cheaper, faster and more reliable than advertising to the general public.

Look in professional associations.They may have job lines to help members find employees.

Try online advertising.The speed, freshness and searchability of online job banks make them attractive options for both candidates and employers.

Check with your local colleges.You may be able to hire a recent graduate who’s enthusiastic, effective and less expensive than a seasoned professional.

Contact headhunters.Headhunters specializing in sales personnel aren’t cheap, but when labor markets are tight, it may be worth the cost to find a solid salesperson.

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