It’s Time for a Marketing Technologist

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Marketing Technologist

Technology is the driver for revenue marketing, beginning with having your CRM system tightly integrated with a full-featured marketing automation system. The role of the Marketing Technologist is to set up and execute campaigns while continuously leveraging technology to meet the needs of your business.

These marketing automation systems are powerful and in order to get the most out of them, you must have someone on the team who has the required technical skill set. Investing in the effective training of your Marketing Technologist should be a priority. The Marketing Technologist skill set is an absolute requirement for the team. This person will work closely with the Business Analyst and should be detail oriented, application friendly, and have the ability to understand the technology and be able to use it effectively. Experience with HTML and CRM framework is highly recommended.

Someone who can step back, take a look at things from an executive standpoint, and present metrics that are meaningful to both the sales organization and C level executives. Everything in an automated marketing campaign must be weighed, measured, and constantly reviewed.

While CRM skills in the market abound, finding marketers with marketing automation experience will be challenging. Take your time and find the right fit. There is a high correlation between revenue results and a high degree of competency in marketing automation systems.

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