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Problem: What are the biggest problems you are solving for your customers?

Solution: What are your solutions to these customer problems?

Advantage: What is your primary advantage over your competitors and why is it valuable to your clients?

Competitors: Write down at least three (3) of your top competitors.

Keywords: Write down as many keywords you can think of that are relevant to your service/product/solution. Use another piece of paper if you run out of room.

Customers: You want to put down the top 3 Customer Segments that your business services.

Channel: List all of your marketing efforts along with the annual budget. It is important to be as thorough as possible, this is where you really save money.

Implications: What will happen if you do not take some action right now. What goals will you miss?

Plan: What is your current plan for achieving your business goals? Is your plan aggressive? Do you have big goals?

Challenge: When you look at your current plan, what do you see as the most challenging part of achieving the goals you have written down?

Timing: How soon are you and your team willing to take the necessary action to improve your marketing efforts and achieve your business goals?

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